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Friday, August 26, 2005

Cut the cords...

Once upon a time I would look almost every day for a Bluetooth (from here on known as BT) Headphones. I could not believe that there would not be a device for this perfect application of wireless technology. Then out of frustration I stopped. The devices that I found any info on were all prototypes that had been in development for what felt like a decade.

There was one thing what was holding back the type of device I wanted, bandwidth. BT is a short range, low power and low bandwidth technology and quality audio is not easily handled with these restrictions. BT works by having profiles or definitions of how to handle the data coming over the connection and there has been a new profile added to the 1.2 version of BT that is called ADP (Audio Distribution Profile). ADP is designed with music in mind and can compress and decompress the audio so it jives with the bandwidth restrictions of BT. So you need a BT 1.2 device right? Wrong, even though there are more and more BT 1.2 devices out there most BT headphones come with an adapter for use with non BT devices such as an old school walkman or an Ipod.

Today I just found a new device that interested me. It seems the devices have crept up on me. e I knew there was a HP BT Hedphones but it was HP….dam them they can keep whatever device they have even if it is what I want (long story to explain the spite). The device I found today was a Motorola and at what I believe is a good price point @ ~90$ . Oh and did I mention you can control and talk on your phone with it too...

Here is the link to a little bit of info on the Motorola one.
and for order here

And a link to the HP headphones lol


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