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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Latest & Greatest...Prepare for limb severing

The long awaited HTC universal is available for pre order from expansys

To sum up this device, it is realy a small laptop that is small enough to be a phone too.

The device is also the first device I know of to be made with video confrencing in mind. it has 2 cameras, one to face outward for quality pictures and the other is positioned to face you when looking at the LCD. using video confrencing on a regular wireless data network may be a joke but this phone supports UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecomunications System) no doubt how it got its code name universal. UMTS is designed to be the successor to GSM/GPRS and is available in a few metro markets in the US. From what I understand the UMTS in the US is using the same frequency range as GSM/GPRS and some telcom companies are waiting for the 2006 auction by the FTC to get a new frequency range.

Here is one of the first reviews of the currently unavaible devices


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