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Thursday, August 25, 2005

New Centrino.... RAID?

The next generation of centrino processors, codenamed Napa will support RAID. This could make an actual game ready laptop, with much better performance than most of todays models. All the while conserving power(thus lengthening battery life).


At 1:50 PM, jeffrey said...

hmm I never thought raid would be in a laptop,I can't realy see how having an aray of disks would help battery life. Maybe intel is planning on using the chipset in another type of device or somthing (like a tvio type thing that you can have a raid 5 aray in who knows)

At 8:37 PM, Pastyface said...

I think since the next generation of centrino processors will save alot of energy they can have raid, and still use less batter than most of todays models.


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