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Friday, October 14, 2005

AMD outsells Intel in desktop chips in the month of Sep?

HA HA HA, … wait are they serious? They are… I have been watching the AMD company for a long time now (like 7 years) and have always been very optimistic on there success. Back then they were lumped in with Cyrix and were considered low quality. They stopped reverse engineering Intel processors and started developing their own designs and with the K7 or Athlon processor they really came into their own.

It is not that I do not like Intel it is just that AMD has made some excellent choices with the consumer in mind. First would be the Rambus debacle, Intel tried to steer the market into using Rambus because Intel held stock in Rambus or an agreement of some sort. Amd went with an open memory standard (DDR) and pretty much forced Intel to abandon its Proprietary, Intellectual Property royalty generating dreams.

Then there is the laughing stock of the whole IT industry…Itainium. Intel tried to again steer the industry to a new instruction set with the Itainum while AMD just tweaked the existing one. We all know how that turned out, A picture is worth 1000 words and my favorite is the Icon the Register uses when there is any Itanium news, the picture is the Titanic headed for an ice burg and they call it the Itanic…how fitting.



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