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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Flock...The New Web Browser

There appears to be a new web browser which is soon to be released called Flock. From an article by, "Flock's browser is built specifically for a new, emerging generation of Web users, one that isn't satisfied passively browsing media online. Flock hopes to turn the browser into a dashboard for collaborating, blogging, sharing photos, reveling in a raft of other group activities that have recently caught fire online".

Although some may shy away from a new web browser I fully support it. In my opinion the more browsers, the fewer the number of viruses for a certain browser, unless it dominates the market share *cough* IE *cough*. This being if they are not built off of the same code as the others.


At 2:42 PM, GuyFromChicago said...

Looks cool...reading around on this today and it seems to be the buzz right now.

The real test will be where it's at in 1 year.

Will people flock (lol) to it or not, that is the question:-)


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