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Friday, October 28, 2005

Microsoft to Spammers - We're Coming For You

It was made public today that Microsoft filed the civil suit in August in Washington State's King County Superior Court. The suit is against 13 groups of spammers who have used virus/spyware infected computers to send millions upon millions of spam e-mails.

According to Microsoft, this is case is unique in the fact that this is the first time a case is specifically targeting spammers who use zombie PC's to do their dirty work. The fact that a suit like this is the supposed first of it's kind makes me wonder what the hell Gates and company have been doing oh, for let's say, the last 10 years. People have been using zombie pc's to send spam's not like it just started last week.

Right now the targets of the lawsuit have not yet been named as Microsoft is trying to get court orders to uncover their identity. It was reported the spammers used multiple online aliases. What a shock huh? If these guys are good I would be surprised if anything can be traced back to them. All depends on where they were trying to send people (the links in the e-mails) and how well they BS'd the site hosting info....assuming they were trying to send people to a site.

I did find it amusing how MS did their research leading up to the suit. They intentionally let a pc get infected with a bunch of crap. Turns out that one computer sent over 18 million pieces of spyware and spam to over 5 million people. Now multiply that number times about 20 million....

God I hate spammers.


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