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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

X1000 Series Unvieled

Today the next generation of ATI video cards were revealed. The new cards range from the X1300 which has 4 piplelines to the X1800 which has 16 pipelines. Although it is yet unsure if the 16 pipelines of the X1800 can keep up with the 24 pipelines of the 7800GTX(NVIDIA). The X1800 supposedly makes up the lack of pipelines by having a 625 MHz core. One of the stock models also comes with 512mb of onboard memory(sadly this is the same as my system memory).

Benchmarks from

Now with this picture from the benchmark you need to keep in mind that the equivilent to the X1800XT is the 7800GTX. Also (SLI) is a technology used by NVIDIA, and Crossfire(ATI). Both of which allow 2 of the same cards to be used in tandom to generate frames. Overall it appears that the new ATI card is more powerful but the 7800GTX has been out for a while now and you can probably get one for a bit cheaper than a X1800XT.


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