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Monday, November 07, 2005

Grokster Shuts Down

Grokster Ltd., a leading developer of Internet file-sharing software popular for stealing songs and movies online, agreed Monday to shut down operations to settle a landmark piracy case filed by Hollywood and the music industry, The Associated Press has learned.

The settlement permanently bans Grokster from participating directly or indirectly in the theft of copyrighted files and requires the company to stop giving away its software.

This should make the music an movie industry feel all warm and fuzzy...right up until they realize file sharing is no where even close to dead, and there's not jack shit they can do to stop it.

There hasn't been a single movie in the past year that I had any interest in that I couldn't find a free copy of with about 5 minutes of effort. Grokster and the like are for people who are too lazy to look around and see where all the real file sharing is taking place;-)


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