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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Google and Print Advertising Sales

Google has been quietly testing the waters in the traditional marketing arena by getting their hands into ad sales for more "traditional" media such as magazines like PC Magazine and Maximum PC.

What Google has done is bought full page ads in those magazines and then resold the space - cut into quarters or fifths - to users of it's Adwords program.

"We were approached by Google two and a half months ago, telling us that they were starting this print advertising campaign," Michael Keen, president of Inksite, one of the five advertisers in PC Magazine, said Monday. "Because we had been one of their AdWords advertisers, they thought we would be a good candidate to try their new advertising" effort.

"Google's been working to add more oomph to its creative for a while. Clearly they have a desire to offer more to advertisers than just a text link," said Tim Hanlon, senior vice president of emerging contacts at ad agency Publicis Groupe.

"Google has shown that big media companies don't have to be part of the mix at all," Hanlon said. "People can just get the content and ads directly from an uber-intermediary. That's caught a lot of traditional ad types off guard."

Yet the latest move toward the print ad business has some financial analysts frowning.

"I would be surprised and somewhat disappointed if they were to spend a lot of money and resources on a print advertising unit," said Safa Rashtchy, senior Internet analyst at Piper Jaffray. "My guess is it is just an experiment."

More info at ZDNet.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

One More Reason I Love Google

Who says sex doesn't sell? I'm off to Google, catch you later.

iPod Cell Phone

Roger Entner, a telecommunications analyst with Ovum has reported that he has been told by an industry executive that the new "iPod phone", to be made by Motorola, would be marketed by Cingular Wireless. Mr. Entner said it would include iTunes software, which helps power the iPod.

The software will allow people to transfer songs from a computer to the mobile phone, then listen to the songs, presumably through headphones. "It's a deluxe music player now on your cellphone," he said of the device.

Apple, Motorola and Cingular declined to confirm or deny the report. But Apple did announce on Monday that it would hold a major news event on Sept. 7 in San Francisco and indicated it will be music-related.

The writing has been on the wall for this type of integration for quite a while. The iPod and cell phone are two of the most common handheld digital devices...I'm surprised it's taken as long as it has to integrate the two.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Google Search Cheat Sheet

Just about everyone I know uses a search engine, specifically Google, at least a few times week. It always frustrates me watching people use Google to 1 tenth of it's potential and then get frustrated when they can't find what they are looking for. There's a whole slew of search commands out there you can use to narrow your search and get to the answer/info you're looking for a lot quicker than you are today.

The page linked to above includes all of the info that you'll find here, plus a bunch of other useful info.

Time Magazine - The Future of Search

I came across a pretty interesting article by Time magazine on the future of search today. Check it out.

Being somewhat of a search junkie myself this part made me chuckle a bit:

"Americans conducted more than 4.8 billion searches in July--a 22% increase over July of last year, according to a study by comScore Media Metrix. But who needs 14,120,000 results in response to a simple question? People don't want a list--they want an answer."

The search engines of the future will do just that, they will provide answers. They'll do it better, faster and more organized than they do today.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Cut the cords...

Once upon a time I would look almost every day for a Bluetooth (from here on known as BT) Headphones. I could not believe that there would not be a device for this perfect application of wireless technology. Then out of frustration I stopped. The devices that I found any info on were all prototypes that had been in development for what felt like a decade.

There was one thing what was holding back the type of device I wanted, bandwidth. BT is a short range, low power and low bandwidth technology and quality audio is not easily handled with these restrictions. BT works by having profiles or definitions of how to handle the data coming over the connection and there has been a new profile added to the 1.2 version of BT that is called ADP (Audio Distribution Profile). ADP is designed with music in mind and can compress and decompress the audio so it jives with the bandwidth restrictions of BT. So you need a BT 1.2 device right? Wrong, even though there are more and more BT 1.2 devices out there most BT headphones come with an adapter for use with non BT devices such as an old school walkman or an Ipod.

Today I just found a new device that interested me. It seems the devices have crept up on me. e I knew there was a HP BT Hedphones but it was HP….dam them they can keep whatever device they have even if it is what I want (long story to explain the spite). The device I found today was a Motorola and at what I believe is a good price point @ ~90$ . Oh and did I mention you can control and talk on your phone with it too...

Here is the link to a little bit of info on the Motorola one.
and for order here

And a link to the HP headphones lol

Do You Know Who Links to You?

One question I get quite often from newer webmasters is "how can I tell what other sites are linking to me?". The best way is by using one of the major search engines (Google, Yahoo or MSN) to get this info.

I'll start with Yahoo. While they Yahoo is not the most popular search engine on the web, it does tend to show a more complete listing of sites that are linking to you than Google or MSN will.

Go to Yahoo. In the search field type: and hit search (or enter). On the next page that loads you'll see a listing of other pages on the Internet that link to you.

The same command will work for MSN.

There are a couple of ways to get the same info from Google, I like this one the best. In the search field simply enter and hit search. The next page you see will have a few options, one of which is "show sites that link to". Keep in mind that Google has openly admitted that this summary of links is just that - a summary. They do not show all the links they know about that are pointing to your website.

I'm a junkie and check all the time to see who's linking to me. I think it's pretty cool to find out about other sites that either like your site enough to link to you on their own, or hate your site enough they decided to link to it and make fun of you.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

MSN Homepage Beta

Came across MSN's Homepage Beta today and thought I would share.

It needs a LOT of work before they remove that beta tag.

New Centrino.... RAID?

The next generation of centrino processors, codenamed Napa will support RAID. This could make an actual game ready laptop, with much better performance than most of todays models. All the while conserving power(thus lengthening battery life).

Latest & Greatest...Prepare for limb severing

The long awaited HTC universal is available for pre order from expansys

To sum up this device, it is realy a small laptop that is small enough to be a phone too.

The device is also the first device I know of to be made with video confrencing in mind. it has 2 cameras, one to face outward for quality pictures and the other is positioned to face you when looking at the LCD. using video confrencing on a regular wireless data network may be a joke but this phone supports UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecomunications System) no doubt how it got its code name universal. UMTS is designed to be the successor to GSM/GPRS and is available in a few metro markets in the US. From what I understand the UMTS in the US is using the same frequency range as GSM/GPRS and some telcom companies are waiting for the 2006 auction by the FTC to get a new frequency range.

Here is one of the first reviews of the currently unavaible devices

US Supreme Court Ruling Against P2P Networks

When the US Supreme Court made the "intelligent" ruling that Grokster is somehow liable for copyright violations made users of their service they essentially killed, or at least severely impacted, the advancements in technology in P2P file sharing.

The ruling, which found P2P developer Grokster liable for illegitimate uses of its software, is deterring venture capitalists from injecting funds where they fear future legal action may make their investments worthless.

That shouldn't really surprise anyone. Picture yourself as a venture capitalist. You have a couple million dollars to invest in a new company or emerging technology. Unless you're a huge risk taker, even more so than the "average" venture capitalist, you'll find areas that have not been ruled against by the US Supreme Court to invest your money.

I agree that there needs to some sort of regulation in the industry, but don't feel this was a good move. There's a balance that needs to be found somewhere between the free-for-all Napster days and the current "don't share crap for the fear of being sued" mentality that's taking over.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Starwars Fans Have Invaded The Pentagon!

It appears that the pentagon has developed a lazer cannon which is small enough to fit on a fighter jet yet powerful enough to take out a missle. Named the High Energy Laser Area Defense System(HELADS), it is about size of a large refridgerator and weighs in at 750kg(1,650lb).

Is this really practical or do we have some Starwars fans that were hired by the pentagon?

Update: The taking out missles part wont come until the 150 kW version(2007), they are currently working on a 15kW version.

Stalking Made Easy

Following up to my earlier post, Finding sex offenders with Google Maps, I came across a site that should make stalkers all across the world rejoice.

Let's face it - one of the hardest things a stalker has to deal with is finding someone to stalk. That's not the case anymore. Another new service based off Google maps and the website, hotornot combines data from both sites to make it easier to find that cute young lady, or guy, that you would like to stalk.

Please note that TND does not advocate stalking...unless you're a cute young woman between the ages of 18 and 23 that would like to stalk me.

Windows 95 Turns 10

Just 10 years ago Microsoft released Windows 95, its hard to believe as for some it doesnt seem that long ago. Here is an archived article published by the Washinton Post on the day it was released.

On a side note, for the launch party, Microsoft paid $12,000,000 for the rights to use the Rolling Stones' song "Start Me Up"

Find Sex Offenders with Google Maps

This has to be one of the best uses I've seen for Google maps. It's a site that shows you sex offenders in any area. Not only does it give you the address of the offender, it shows a picture and links back to the official sex offender site.

Go ahead...type in your zipcode on the site and see how many pervs are right in your neighborhood. I was surprised at how many are in my neck of the woods.

HTC Tornado to Support WIFI?

MoDaCo is reporting that the next major version of the acclaimed Smartphones from HTC is official.

"Looks like the Tornado is now on Pictures are confidential until 30th of September.
It features penta-band antenne (5 way).
GSM850, GSM900, DCS1800, PCS1900, WLAN2400."

Notice the WLAN2400?? That can only mean that the Tornado will have 802.11b or 802.11g capabilities. Will this be the 1st Smartphone to support WIFI, not to mention Windows Mobile 5.0? Great news for Smartphone users, like myself.

More news here...

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Intel Likes Saving Power, And So Do We!

Intel has revealed its next generation CPU architecture at the Intel Developer Forum. It appears they will be taking the Centrino technology to the next level, and introducing it into the desktop space as well.

These new processors are expected to be available Q2 2006. All three new chips, the Woodcrest (server market), Conroe (desktop market), and Merom (laptop market), will be dual core and 64-bit enabled. The major theme being more performance per watt. Intel estimates the cost savings on electricity alone to be $1 billion per year for every 100 million PC's (or roughly $10/CPU per my calculations).

Palm Welcomes Gates???

Is Palm giving up on it's own OS, or just trying to steal some marketshare? Some new images and video (1, 2, and 3) have made their way across the net showing a Palm device, rumored to be the Treo 670, running Windows Mobile 5.

Details are still very limited, but it is rumored to have Bluetooth, EVDO (sorry GSM users, looks like its at least starting on the CDMA carriers), a 1.3 megapixel camera, and all the features of the Treo 650.

Google Instant Messenger...Tomorrow?

Rumor has it that Google is set to release it's own instant messenger application tomorrow, August 24th.

Adding fuel to the fire is an announcement that is online and a jabber server has been discovered that's listening on port 5222.

I know I'm ready to dump the MSN messenger for a Google replacement. I did the same with my Hotmail account when gmail was released. Gmail is just plain better than Hotmail and I would expect that a Google messenger will follow suit and be a step above all the other IM clients out there.

Google On The Desktop, And Then Some...

I'm sure most of you have already seen or heard of Google Desktop, but wait until you see the latest iteration. On Monday Google announced Google Desktop 2 (beta). The most significant, and noticeable upgrade, is the new Sidebar.

The Sidebar feature list is as follows:
  • Email
  • News
  • Weather
  • Photos
  • Stocks
  • Web Clips
  • Scratch Pad
  • Quick View
  • and, of course, a search box

All of the different panels can be turned on or off, and Google has even made available a developers API so people can make their own. All kinds of cool screenshots can be found here.

So far, I have only been able to find a couple of things I'm not too crazy about. For example, if you wanted the sidebar to only take up half of the screen vertically, your out of luck(it's all or nothing). Another example is the email panel lumps all of your email together. I have multiple accounts in Outlook and a gmail account, so in the email panel they are all jumbled together. I would like to see some sort of separation in future releases.

Another cool new feature is called Quick Find. Quick Find is kinda like the auto complete feature on steroids. As you start typing in the search bar, some of the more common results will appear. This makes even opening applications easy and efficient.

The last new feature I find very useful is the Outlook Toolbar. This is a special search bar right inside of Outlook. As you may have guessed, this is can be used to search threw all of your Outlook email specifically. While I'm not yet sure how it compares to Outlook 2003's search implementation, it seems like a good idea.

As for the core features of Google Desktop, most seem relatively unchanged.

It Starts Here

Yep, here's the first post on TND.

One day this will be collectors item.