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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Browse the Web Offline

Download the Internet

Am I the only one who thinks this is for the most part stupid? With the proliferation of broad band and Internet ready devices like cell phones and PDA's where's the strong demand for offline browsing?

Here's a snippet of the vision:

" "It would be impossible to put the whole web – roughly 10 billion pages of data – on your hard drive or phone, so we're condensing it," said Bradley Husick, president of Webaroo. "Webaroo allows you to take a cross section of the Web with you."

Since the service can't archive search engines like Google, Webaroo acts as its own search engine. When the consumer opens up their browser, the Webaroo search box comes up. Instead of replacing ads that already exist on the Web, the company will sell the sort of offline Internet as an additional form of revenue for customers.

"So, if an ad was there at the time [the site] was cached, it will still be there when you look at it [offline]," said Husick. "The difference is that most of those ads won't have the click-through, or the result page that you would go to, to view the ad." "

Yawn. I for one have no plans to use this...nor can I see anyone I know using it.


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