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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Google Announces - Google Calendar

Google has launched a calendar. Check it out.
I took some time this evening to check it out for the first time. It looks a lot like Outlook. hehe Go figure.
I noticed a link showing "other calendars"
It opens a search window. I searched for a random last name and discovered lists of calendars which any one can add to their view. I would be careful doing this. I opened a womans calendar which included every apointment in her life. Locations of the appointments are mapped out using Google Maps. It seems some peope are trying to make it easy on the stalkers. I would be careful with this option "Share all information on this calendar with everyone". If you need to share, restrict it to users names you know.

Google has done it yet again. Just be careful how you use the tools provided to you ;)


At 5:17 PM, Anonymous said...

All your info belongs to Google. Accept it!



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