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Saturday, July 08, 2006

31 Exploits in 31 Days

A hacker has stockpiled browser exploits and plans to release one flaw a day for the month of July to highlight the types of vulnerabilities affecting the world's most widely used Web browsers.

HD Moore, co-founder of the Metasploit Framework, has launched a new project called MoBB (Month of Browser Bugs) with daily releases of proof-of-concept code for flaws in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Apple's Mac OS X-only Safari and the Linux browser Konqueror.

"We will publish a new browser hack, every day, for the entire month of July. The hacks we publish are carefully chosen to demonstrate a concept without disclosing a direct path to remote code execution." Moore went on to say "We could probably release one a day for the next two and a half years without running out of bugs."



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